Mapping War Memorials in Powys

Powys is the largest county in Wales, covering roughly a third of the country’s area. It has many little villages and isolated communities tucked away amongst the hills. This was also the case one hundred years ago, so there are many First World War memorials and rolls of honour scattered across the county, waiting to be found.

The aim of this map is to show which memorials and rolls of honour the Powys War Memorial Project has recorded so far, so that individuals or communities can get in touch if they notice that any memorials in their area are missing. The map will also differentiate between different types of memorials, be they stained glass windows, or very simple rolls of honour.

The Powys War Memorial Project also offers grants of up to £5,000 to repair, restore and maintain memorials and their settings, as well as free community training on how to research the names on memorials and set up a website to record their findings. It also offers assistance to produce First World War walks and trails.

So far the Powys War Memorials Project has recorded more than three hundred rolls of honour and memorials in Powys, but there are many still to be found and, in some cases, rescued and restored. This map will enable the people of Powys to identify whether their memorial has been recorded, and will raise awareness of the funding and support available to them to restore and research these valuable objects of local history.

For more information please contact Meg Ryder at or visit the project’s website by clicking here.