Updated News 23rd May 2018
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‌‌‌2018-05-22 HLF May‌‌

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Updated News 14th May 2018
Mapping the 1916 Battle of the Somme and the actions of the Irish Raised Divisions.

The Battle of the Somme was one of the largest battles that occurred during World War I. It took place near the River Somme in France from 1st July 1916 to 18th November 1916. Attacks along the Somme lines saw some of the largest actions of the Irish Raised Divisions (36th Ulster & 16th Irish) during the battle.

2018-05-16 Mapping the Battle of the Somme‌By using historic battle field maps of the time and modern Geographical Information Systems (GIS), we can help understand the key events of the Irish raised divisions, the following months of the Somme campaign, and help discover evidence of the battle in the modern landscape.

Developed by the GIS Research & Teaching Unit for the The Living Legacies Engagement Centre at the School Of Geography, Archaeology and Paleoecology, Queen's University Belfast.

To view the 4D map please click here.

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Updated News 14th May 2018
First World War Network Funding Scheme

2018-05-14 The FWWNetwork funding scheme
The First World War Network is pleased to offer its members the opportunity to apply for a Collaborative Research Grant of up to £1000 to help fund a project with a group, individual or organisation from the general public or the heritage sector. 

In 2018 there will be two deadlines for applications: 15th June and 31st August.

For full applicant instructions and to apply, please download the application form below:

FWW Network Grant Scheme Application Form (click the text to download)

Any enquiries should be directed to Dr Philippa Read at‌

Click here to download the full PDF flyer.






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Updated News 3rd May 2018
‌The Belfast, Home Front Legacy and Living Legacies First World War archaeological workshop was held at Queen’s University Belfast last week on Thursday the 26th April.

2018-05-03 WWI Archaeological Workshop 1

The day was engaging and busy with the Workshop Team and attendees being given a great preview of newly developing projects within Northern Ireland, and the current collaborative work of the Council for British Archaeology/Home Front Legacy and Living Legacies 1914-18 engagement Centre.





The morning began with Claire Corkhill form the CBA and Chris Kolonko from the Home Front Legacy project both introducing a summary of the CBA’s and HFL’s work with communities including the Young Archaeologist Club (YAC).

2018-05-03 WWI Archaeological Workshop 2
‌Also the CBA’s work to encourage communities to engage with their local heritage through archaeological led projects, such as the Festival of Archaeology, the Local Heritage Engagement Network (LHEN), the Mick Aston Archaeology Fund and the Home Front Legacy (HFL).


2018-05-03 WWI Archaeological Workshop 3
‌Prof Keith Lilley, presented an introduction and overview to the community engagement work of the Living Legacies 1914-18 First World War Engagement Centre, focusing on the theme of Material Culture and Landscapes.





2018-05-03 WWI Archaeological Workshop 4We were fortunate to have Emma McBride from local government, Department for Communities, Historic‌ Environment Department, present on some exciting collaborate work with Living Legacies, and the development of the Defence Heritage recording App – available to use to record your local First World War defence heritage in Northern Ireland – for more information follow this link‌‌



2018-05-03 WWI Archaeological Workshop 5Mike King from Down County Museum introduced the Ballykinler History Hut project, currently being developed in collaboration with the Down County Museum, the Newry and Mourne County Council, funded through recently granted PEACE IV money. An exciting project based upon the relocation and reconstruction of the hut within the confines of the Down County museum. The project aims to present the broad narrative of the life of this Armstrong Hut, and those that inhabited it in the recent past, including soldiers during the First World War 1914-18, the War of Irish Independence (1920-21), Maltese refugees (1940-42) and US troops (1942-43), focusing primarily on interpretation and use of the hut during the 1914-1921 period within the Decade of Centenaries. 


2018-05-03 WWI Archaeological Workshop 6Shirin Murphy and Laura Patrick from Carrickfergus Museum also shared news of their newly developing First World War project ‘Battle Bags and Blimps’ - Exploring the Legacies of Whitehead’s WW1 Aerodrome at Whitehead, County Antrim. From 1915 to 1918, Whitehead Aerodrome—also known as Bentra. The site was home to the first military aviation facility in Ireland and one that played an important role in the First World War. The project hopes to deliver a community led study of the Whitehead Aerodrome site at Bentra, working in collaboration with Living Legacies 1914-18 , and key local groups to explore the significance of the site in order to increase knowledge and appreciation of this almost forgotten aspect of local heritage.

To view "Treating: War-time ban on buying drinks for others" from the Swansea event on Saturday 14th April 2018 at National Waterfront Musuem, courtesy of Lisvane magazine please click here.


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