Updated News - Diverse Perspectives on a Global Conflict: Living Legacies and Migrant Voices of World War One

In April and May the ‘Diverse Perspectives on a Global Conflict’ exhibition continues to tour with Libraries NI. Currently on display in Draperstown, Co. Tyrone, the panels reflect on the story of World War One from the perspective of migrants currently living in Northern Ireland. Over the period of a year the exhibition was developed in collaboration between Ulster University and the North West Migrants Forum, funded by the Living Legacies 1914-1918 Engagement Centre. The panels were prepared by the participants themselves and tell the story of their country of origin during the war. The images and text illustrate how the conflict impacted on countries beyond Britain and Ireland and thus continues to have a legacy for migrants living in Northern Ireland today. Stories are presented from Poland, Italy, Romania, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, South Africa, Guyana, China, Congo and Cameroon and show the true global impact of WW1 and its relevance to migrant communities living in Northern Ireland today. In May the exhibition will move to Enniskillen.

Dr Philip McDermott and Professor Elizabeth Crooke will provide a Community lecture at Enniskillen library on Friday 17th May at 1pm on the production of the exhibition and the findings from the research associated with the exhibition production.

The exhibition has now shown at the Millennium Forum, Derry~Londonderry; Ulster University, Magee Campus; The Ulster Museum; Ulster University, Belfast Campus, Omagh Library, Draperstown and Enniskillen Library. The work has also featured on the AHRC’s Beyond the Trenches Blog. It will continue to tour over the Summer with Libraries NI with other venues to be confirmed. 

Search for the piece on the AHRC’s  Beyond the Trenches Blog.    

Commenting on the project Lilian Seenoi from North West Migrants Forum noted “through this project our members have in some instances revisited histories they were aware of, whilst others have engaged with these sad stories for the first time. Projects like this are important in so many ways in that they show community organisations like ours how subjects like history and social science can help us in our own aims of promoting positive dialogue between migrants and the wider




Updated News - Women and Leisure during the First World War – ‘An Essential Part of National Work’

Home Front storytelling in hard to reach places

In January 2019 the Women and Leisure during the First World War exhibition was taken down from its final venue at Newcastle Central Library. It has been exhibited continuously in venues across Tyne and Wear and Northern Ireland since October 2017 and I’ve accompanied it on almost all of its travels. 

There is lots to say about this exhibition in general but a key point is that it brims with research findings that were produced by community researchers from the North East... and it was then exhibited in those same communities. We were really pleased that our exhibition visited some "big" venues (Ulster Museum in Belfast, St Mary's Heritage Centre in Gateshead), but museums are particular destinations: we arrive there on detours from everyday life with free time to spend and with our concerns on the back burner. 

We were equally pleased that the exhibition was seen in some very different spaces, although they were not exactly "destinations" our aim here was to exhibit at those fleetingly visited waypoints on the daily routes that people follow in order to hold their lives together. Our rationale was that if an exhibition is to have the best possibility of being encountered by the community, it needs to go on that route somewhere.  



Updated News April 2019 

Time Traveller - Teaching Resource Website

Living Legacies has launched an exciting new teaching resource which aims to engage and immerse Primary School pupils in the lives of soldiers who fought and died in WW1. The lesson plan presents a detailed guide for teachers and drama facilitators to deliver an interactive workshop which explores the experience of young men from Campbell College in Belfast. 

The workshop was devised for the Men Behind the Glass Project - a major restoration, education and community engagement initiative that was created and led by Campbell College and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The project focused on uncovering the family lives and military service of 126 pupils and one member of staff who lost their lives in the Great War and whose photographs are embedded in the Edwardian wood panelling in the College’s Central Hall.

The teaching resource gives pupils an insight into the school life and war journey of Robert McConnell, a pupil of Campbell College who was called to active service in October 1915 only to be killed six months later. Pupil activities outlined within the resource include drama, art and creative writing tasks alongside a detailed guide for teachers on how to lead whole class and small group work. The lesson plan also includes a short drama script based on the history of Campbell College and McConnell’s letters home which can be performed by pupils within the workshop.

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Updated News April 2019 

Treasure House Workshops - A series of 7 workshops in paternership with National Museums Northern Ireland and Clanmil Housing Association November 2018

To Commemorate the armistice and the end of the First World War, Living Legacies collaborated with the Tressure House project during November 2018. Tressure House is an externally funed HLF project, which aims to tackle socail isolation amongst the elderly. The projecy consisted of bringing in residents from Clanmil Housing folds and nuring homes to the Ulster Museum and Ulster Folk and Transport Museum where they enjoyed workshops that highlight objects in the collection and the different periods they reflect.

Living Legacies Project Officer, Dr. Michelle Young, wrote a short play for these workshops that highlighted the end of the war, the impact of the Spanish Flu and the issues around the return of soldiers from the front fromunemployment to disability. This was performed in the Modern History gallery at the Ulster Museum on various dates thoughout November.

Treasure House drama Sessions at the Ulster Museum
Interview with Sue Cathcart - Tresasure House Officer

To read more about Clanmill Housing Association please click here


‘Learning about some of the things that happened had a real impact on me especially as my grandfather was gassed during WWI’

‘The tragedy of the numbers killed and maimed in the First World War had an impact on me’

‘We have a lot of talk about ‘The War’ but todays then made us think of ‘The Return’ and the difficulties individuals/ families/ couples faced.’

‘The actors got into the role and I almost believed they were there. Thank you for the energy put into the drama’ 


Updated News History Hut March 2019

Next event 6th April 2019 - The Curragh Army Camp, Co. Kildare

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Updated News 2019 WW1 Engagement Centres Festival –
‘Legacies of the First World War’ Shared Heritage -
Legacies of the First War, 18th – 22nd May 2019

What’s it all about?

To mark the end of the Centenary of WW1, a week of free public activities and events will be held across Northern Ireland, on the theme of Shared Heritage. The idea is to bring together heritage groups, projects and stakeholders to share experiences of exploring the legacies of WW1. These legacies connect the past with the present and we want to use Shared Heritage as a way of connecting communities from all across these islands, to help deepen our understanding and appreciation of the war in Britain and Ireland and its significance to us today. Our week-long Shared Heritage events are open to all, and cover topics such as archaeology and landscape, drama and creative arts, digital technologies, museums and exhibitions, led by the ‘Living Legacies 1914-18’ engagement centre and our partners. You can now sign up to the events by following the links below:

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18 May 2019 09:00

20 May 2019 10:50

20 May 2019 14:00

20 May 2019 18:30

21 May 2019 10:00

22 May 2019 12:30


Updated News Imperial War Museums March 2019

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