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Defence Heritage Project Number 039   Irish Grid Reference J27821148
Location: County South West of Kilkeel, County Down   Easting 285
District /Townland Cranfield, Newry and Mourne   Northing 116
Date of Construction 1942 - 1944   Site Type Airfield

Description of the site: RAF Greencastle station was originally planned to be employed as an RAF bomber Operational Training Unit (OUT) however, in April 1942 the airfield was reassigned to the United States Army Air Force (USAAF) and renamed AAF Station 237.

Greencastle’s main role was as a satellite air depot to Langford Lodge, and therefore multiple hardstanding’s were constructed for the storage up to 100 aircraft. Many of the former airfield buildings can still be detected within the landscape but are in a derelict condition. Using aerial photography, the basic layout of the station can still be determined.

Site remains: Remnants of the airfield, including small portions of hardstanding’s and a few hut bases, in addition to the control tower and dispersed sites located towards Kilkeel.

Construction materials known to have been used: Concrete, brick, metal and timber

Condition of identified remains at site: State of site remains are recorded to be in “very bad” condition.

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