First World War Engagement Centres

Living Legacies 1914-1918 is one of five AHRC First World War Engagement Centres that will focus on providing UK-wide support for community groups funded through a range of HLF funding programmes, particularly its new £6m ‘First World War: Then and Now’ community grants scheme.

The following are AHRC World War One Engagement Centres

Research themes

World War One Engagement Centres

 WWI Engagement Centre 

  • Providing support for community projects, including those funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Connecting projects with academic advisers
  • Recommending archives and resources
  • Advising on documenting and sharing research findings;
  • Coordinating training and events;
  • Promoting First World War centenary projects;
  • Sharing stories about the First World War.

Voices of War and Peace

 Voices of War and Peace

  • Gender and the Home Front; 
  • Religion and belief; 
  • Childhood; 
  • The city at war and commemoration

Gateways to the First World War

 Gateways to the First World War

  • Memorials, commemoration and memory; 
  • Life on the Home and Fighting Fronts; 
  • The medical history of the First World War; 
  • Wartime propaganda and popular culture; 
  • Maritime and naval history; 
  • Operational and military history.

Living Legacies 1914-18‌

LivingLegacies 1914-18 Logo (Aug14)

  • Museums and Exhibitions
  • Moving on
  • Perfroming Arts
  • Material Cultures and Archaeology
  • Digitial Technologies and Digitisation

Centre for Hidden Histories

Centre for Hidden Histories

  • Migration and displacement; 
  • The experience of ‘others’, from countries and regions within Europe, Asia and the Commonwealth; 
  • Impact and subsequent legacies of the war on diverse communities within Britain; 
  • Remembrance and commemoration; 
  • Identity and faith.

  • First World War food and farming; 
  • Theatre and entertainment; 
  • Conscientious objection and military tribunals; 
  • Supernatural beliefs; 
  • Childhood;
  • Family relationships.